About me

As a child, I excitedly scribbled pretty much anything that seemed funny or interesting at the time. These doodles usually included horses (which more resembled giraffes), and characters from my favorite video games and cartoons.

Now, creativity happens in spurts─ideas coming and going as they please. Not all my musings make it onto "paper", but are tucked away in my mind for later use. Aside from drawing cartoons, characters and related media, I also enjoy writing, cooking, kickboxing, acrylic painting, gardening, video games, running, traveling, free diving and snowboarding.


About the Art

If it isn't obvious with the first click, my passion is creating graphics and illustrations geared toward younger audiences. Animal characters have always appealed to me the most. Sketching animals, whether real or fictional, is often how I like to warm up before tackling a project.


My Specialities

Over the years, I have taken on many different types of jobs. Though these were not always art related, I managed to glean valuable skills and knowledge from each of them.

Video Editing

A longtime returning freelance client has allowed me to truly sharpen my skills with Adobe After Effects. This was only touched upon in art school, so I was very grateful for the push to learn the program.

Using stock material, as well as creations of my own in Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop, I have worked on many pieces. These include music video-like creations for Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Cedar Point, and State Fair of Texas.


My skills in Flash allowed me to work for a company which created Facebook games. As well as animating the characters for the games, I also created background elements, clothes, and other in-game elements in Illustrator and Photoshop.

This job also gave me some experience with placing elements into the game environments within Flash.

Graphic Design and Layout

This is an area where I constantly continue to learn and observe. I have done smaller jobs creating ads and such for various companies. These include retail products, logo design and real estate ads. Though this is not my favorite area of expression, I have never failed to please a client.



If you have a project in need of a reliable artist, let me know! I would love to work for you! Send me an email at Lydiabro@gmail.com, and explain the details of your project. I will promptly get back to you with a fair price. Thanks!

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